Friday, November 23, 2007

Martha Stewart Would Be Proud

Or, More Tales of My Neurosis.

While making my coffee this morning, on this exceptionally bright and sunny day, I noticed that there were smears on my kitchen and dining room windows. Since that is completely unacceptable in my house, I decided to just clean them up real quick.

I got a wet rag, a dry rag and my squeegee. I wiped down the window with my wet rag, then I squeegeed it, then used the dry rag to wipe the water off the squeegee in between swipes. This is the key. Always dry the squeegee in between swipes. A good squeegee is the key as well. My squeegee is cheap, but it cleans better than window cleaner.

I finished both windows before my coffee was even finished brewing.

This tip brought to you by:
Method Cleaning products - People Against Dirty.
I love their stuff.

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