Monday, October 22, 2007

Weekend Update

I really don't have anything interesting to report today. But I know how some of you just live for this blog, so here's an update, nonetheless.

I went to the ThorNton Creek show Friday night. Steve is out of town and didn't play with them, so I decided I'd stayed away long enough. It was a good show, and it was nice to see all the Millers again. Not sure if they were exactly "happy" to see me, but everyone was polite to everyone so it seemed okay. The only moment of "oh-crap-I-shouldn't-have-come-here" was when they played Morpheus and MJ said "This is for Raechelle....." and I cried. It's a pretty song. And it brought back a lot of good memories.

Saturday, I shopped all day. New underwear, a curtain rod extender, a pretty red scarf, clothes hangers, colored key covers. Fun stuff. I also got a new cell phone. Which was a colossal pain in the ass. It should have only taken 15 minutes or so, but I was at Car Toys for an hour because the Boy was either stoned or very infatuated with me. He was bumbling around like one of the Three Stooges. He'd print out something write on it, realize he'd written in the wrong area, laugh about it, then have to print it all over again. He felt the need to explain the absolute simplest things to me ("Here's how you turn it on, and here's how you dial a number....") and my lack of interest in him didn't seem to be a deterrent at all. I tell ya, it's hell being so cute.

When I finally left there, my mood was quite sour. And now I'm not sure I even like this new phone. I'll have to buy a new headset because my headset isn't compatible and I hate every ring tone on it so I need to figure out how to download those. The phone was free, but it's going to cost me $100 just to get it how I like it.

That evening, I ventured over the The Eastside for a birthday dinner for a co-worker. Home and in bed by midnight.

Sunday, I hung out at Shaun's and did some laundry while I watched the Seahawks FINALLY PLAY SOME FOOTBALL!! It's about damn time! Even Shaun, the ultimate football curmudgeon, watched most of the game with me. I didn't dare shoot my mouth off last week about the Rams not having won a game yet and we should be able to beat them. No sir. That bit me in the ass with the Saints. But poor Bulger couldn't do squat. He was out for the last two games because he was injured, but it looked like maybe he still wasn't ready to play yesterday. I read that he felt he needed to get in there and help his team, but he didn't seem to really help that much.

And after I left Shaun's I went by a *different* Car Toys to see about exchanging my phone. And the guy had absolutely no interest in my whatsoever. I ended up not exchanging my phone, because it seems that my headset is obsolete now and I won't be able to find a compatible phone at all. And the guy told me about a little hard drive that goes into my phone so I can download ringtones on it ("they're only, like, $10.....") and the little converter where the little harddrive goes in one end and the other end plugs into the USB port on the computer ("and these are only, like, $20.....") so it may not be that expensive after all. Now I just need to find a headset. Because the majority of the conversations I have with my parents are when I'm driving great distances in a lot of traffic. I need my headset.

All and all, in and out in 10 minutes.

And I'm in a damn good mood today. I'm choosing not to analyze why. I woke up happy, which is rare, and so far no one has pissed me off today. Could this be a new way of life for Raechelle? Let's not get ahead of ourselves......We'll just have to see how long this lasts.

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