Monday, October 22, 2007

Have You Ever?

So, I've decided to start a column/topic/theme post. It just hit me.

I shall call it: Have You Ever.....
Yes, it sounds like a high school drinking game, but sometimes these things just pop into my head and I really want to share them but I need to categorize them in some way.

So here we go! The first......

Have You Ever?

Have you ever been doing something, and in the midst of doing this thing, your mind wanders away and you think about something else that makes you really happy or really anxious, but then a split second later, you can't remember why you feel happy or anxious? It's just a fleeting thought....

I was just reading TVSquad and I came across a list of dvds that are being released today and one of them was The L Word. I've gotten through the first two seasons and they're just releasing the fourth season today. And I had a momentary panic - oh no, I haven't even gotten through the third season! Now there's a fourth?! I've got to rent the third season tonight and get through that so I can rent the fourth!

Irrational, yes, I know that. I am under no deadline to watch this tv show. But for some reason, my brain hijacked my rational thinking and purposely got it all worked up over nothing. My brain is just evil like that.

I've calmed down now, in case you're wondering. I may still go rent the third season after my walk. Because now it's on my mind.

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