Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Nervous Energy or Neurotic?

I was printing photos a couple of nights ago and while the printer was going, I got antsy. So I got up, wandered into the kitchen and thought, I could wash up those few dishes real quick..... So I did, and just like I always do when I wash dishes, I wiped down the counter and the stovetop (force of habit....I hadn't used the stove in a week). As I was wiping down the stove, I noticed the burner pans were a bit dirty. My first thought was "What a crappy move in cleaning crew!" but then I thought, oh it'll just take a few minutes to take those out, wipe them down and put them back.

So I got the burner pans out, started to wipe them down, then heard that the printer had stopped. I went in, got the completed pictures out, started a new batch of photos printing..........and noticed that my desk was dusty. So I got the swiffer out and started dusting the desk. I had to move things (because I'm thorough like that) and in the process I found some ponytail holders, so I took those in the bathroom.

Where I noticed all of the hair on the bathroom floor. So I got out my little handheld broom and dustpan that I keep behind the toilet for just such an occasion and started sweeping up the hair. As I got to the corner, by the door, I noticed the ledges on the door were dusty, so I got up, got a rag, wetted it down and wiped off the ledges, which led to wiping off the windowcill, which led to wiping any and all surfaces. Then I saw my scissors in the basket on the back of the toilet (I had trimmed my bangs a few mornings ago) so I took them out to the desk, where the photos had finished printing.

I started a new batch of photos, then took my empty glass into the kitchen to get more water and saw the burner pans in the sink. I thought, "What the hell?" then remembered I was cleaning them. So I finished up the burner pans, put them back and went in the bathroom to pee, where I saw my wet rag in the sink, the broom and the dust pan on the floor and a pile of hair. And then remembered I had been sweeping the floor.

My question is, should I be concerned?


Mom said...

No, you shouldn't worry - it's just that "sometimers" thing that I have going - you inherited it honestly!

Dee said...

In answer to your question - no, you don't need to worry. Now, my question: Can you come live with me????