Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Very Superstitious

Today, I called to get my phone and internet service set up at the new place.

Thus, wholeheartedly giving in and letting out my breath and counting on the fact that I will actually be moving this Saturday. Part of me is still scared that I have somehow wronged the universe and the rug will be ripped out from under my feet again right before the move.

Did you know that Jewish people don't buy things for a baby until the baby is born? It's an old superstition. Which is why Daniela didn't have any supplies at all two weeks before Jonah was born. My sister and I had to literally take her shopping so she would have diapers and bottles. Her family didn't send any gifts to the baby shower but her mom sent a photo of the chair she was going to buy her......once the baby was born.

I felt the same way two weeks ago when JC Penney was having a sale on their towels. I had to call mom from the bath section (we love cell phones) to discuss whether or not I should actually buy the towels yet. I was going to have to buy white towels (yes, yes....I know) because that is the only color towel that will actually match the bright teal/blue/green tile in the bathroom and if I ended up getting another apartment, I am 100% sure that I will not need white towels. I could probably find another color to match.

Why the hesitancy though? I had signed the lease. That's farther than I got with the Lock Vista. The Lock Haven assures me that they are not going to turn into condos. I've put down loads of money. Any normal person would be secure in the fact that they Have An Apartment. Oh, but I have been scarred. Deep.

My god, the pressure! And to wait could mean missing such a sale! Buy one towel at the regular price, get the second for $1. Who could pass that up? And I reasoned in my head that if the apartment should fall through, I can always return the towels. I always keep receipts.

So I bought the $18 towels. Very thick, plush towels. I haven't washed them yet. They're still in the original bag, with the receipt.

I guess if a jinx was going to happen, it would have happened by now, huh? I go to the old apartment after work tomorrow to stay and pack until Saturday. Then the move happens bright and early at 9am [fingers=crossed].

Either way, there will be phone and internet service in that apartment come Monday evening. That I am sure of.

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Mom said...

Everything is going to go very smoothly - don't be such a worry wart! You'll be calling me on Sun. evening telling me that everything is moved and you're worn out. So be sure you have a bottle of wine and your couch to crash on!