Monday, September 3, 2007

Date Night

Cyn and I went out on a date last night. And we were both perfect ladies.
Well, maybe not perfect......we're single gals on the loose, ya know.

She's in between paychecks right now, so I was her sugar dadd...uh.....mama. We had dinner with her parents (oddly enough, kind of like a date.....from high school) then walked down to Ballard to hear Jesse Dayton play at the Tractor Tavern. He puts on one great show. I knew him when I lived in Houston. One of my friends was friends with him and his band, so we went to a lot of their shows. I've seen him play here in Seattle a couple of times, but he never remembers me. And that's fine.

We hung out after the show and chatted with his drummer and some of the Tractor employees for a while. And I said hi to Jesse and mentioned our mutal friend and I think I may have rung a bell. After the Tractor kicked us out, we went down to the L&K and closed it down. Crazy gals we are.

We cabbed it back to Cyn's place, and kept the fun going for a bit longer, then finally crashed around 6am. I can't remember the last time I made it to 6am.

And after sleeping for a mere four hours, A~ called asking if he should start making breakfast. We were supposed to go to his place for brunch. I believe Cyn's exact words were "No. Bye." So we slept alittle longer.

Finally made it over to brunch around 11:30am, and was doing well until about 2pm. Then it was everything I could do to not fall asleep on the couch. So I came home and pretty much just snoozed on the couch all day. If there would have been football on, it would have been a perfect Sunday.

Tomorrow is brunch at Cyn's and then probably some more couch time. And I'm giving myself permission to be okay with that.


Kristin said...

I agree with you on the "perfect Sunday" thing. Sundays during football season are my heaven's delight. There's nothing better than laying on the couch all day watching football. Thank God it starts next Sunday!!!

Dee said...

What in the hell did you two do until 6 a.m.??? And what were you thinking??? I think I'm just really, really old! See - Kristin is young, so she just commented on the "perfect Sunday" thing with football. Me - I can't get past staying up till 6 a.m.