Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Finally! The Apartment!

I finally got some batteries for camera so I can post pictures! My camera died on my Saturday after I took all the pictures, so I couldn't get them off the camera.


Here we go!

Front door of my building:

View of the pretty neighborhood street, from the front door of my building:

You've come in the front door, now you're heading up a few stairs to my front door:

You've come in the front door. You first see the hallway (note the coat closet and built in cabinet and drawers):

The living room, as seen from the dining room. Front door is there on your left:

Dining room. Well, actually just my beautiful new dining room table (and that door on the right - that leads down another stairway to the laundry room and storage):

My "office". Where I'm sitting right now:

From the dining room, to the left, is the kitchen with a very bright, south facing window:

Tiny little fridge, but tons of cabinets in this kitchen:

So now, turn around and go back down the hallway. At the end of the hallway, turn right. Now you see the bathroom, with it's beautiful greenish/bluish tile (and nice bright shower curtain, compliments of mom):

Note the lack of cabinetry (but the clever use of the towel bar to hang my hair dryer and straightener):

Now leave the bathroom, go across the hall and you're in the bedroom. With the BRAND NEW BED that was delivered this morning:

And the closet (note the heat vent.....up at the ceiling. What's the thought process there?):

And this is an older photo, from last weekend, but I wanted to prove that my shoes are labeled and organized:

They are now put away nicely in the closet. I still don't know what to do with the two bins of boots.


Mom said...

You're right - the green Ikea chairs have GOT TO GO! I'm very glad that a friend has given you four antique chairs that match the table. Hope you get them soon and then you can post another picture. And the bluish/greenish tile in the bathroom isn't that bad. Lots of ways to bring that color out . . . . .

Dee said...

Your apartment building is so cute on the outside! And the inside looks great - looks like new! I'm so happy you're in and getting settled. I love it! One thing - why are your shoes in containers and labled??? The containers are clear - you can see what's inside. I think you have a problem! ;>)

Anonymous said...

Haha! My mom's comment about your shoes made me laugh. You are too funny :)

I love your new apartment! It looks very bright and sunny. Glad you're getting all settled!


Mom said...

She gets it honestly from her mother, who is so organized I've been told that - well, never mind what I've been told! But it's always good to be organized Diane!