Monday, August 27, 2007

Parties Galore, Fantasy Football & Puking

Quite a busy weekend I've had.

After I posted Saturday, I got up and started cleaning. Now that Shaun is off to Holland for two weeks, I get to make this place my own. I swept the floors, wiped down the cabinets, scrubbed the sink and cleaned the bathroom, right down to taking a toothbrush to the baseboards. Spotless, I tell ya!

After cleaning, it was time to start the partying. First, a work party at the boss' house. A Summer Soiree. Yes, she stole the word "soiree" from me, and Steve's Swanky Soiree. I stayed there for about 3 hours, ate some food, chatted with a few friends, then toodled on to the next party.

A Pie Party. A woman in my department has a pie party every summer. She has too many fruit trees in her back yard, so she throws a party so people will come over, drink all of her alcohol, and then make fruit pies. She makes all of the crusts and the guests sit and peel fruit, layer it in the pie crust, sprinkle some sugar and spices on it, then she sends it home with the guests to bake. Which I did Sunday night. I made a plum pie. I really wanted to make an apple one, but you have to peel the apples and she was pushing the plums (which you don't have to peel) big time. I could have made two, but by the time I finished the plum pie, I had three drinks in me and it was just best I put the knife down.

Where was I?
Oh, after the pie party was another co-worker's Birthday BBQ for his girlfriend. Which I had every intention of going to because I really like them, but by the time I left the pie party, I was too pooped to be social so I just came home. I was in bed by 11pm. Fabulous.

Then Sunday, MickeyP came over to help me with the Fantasy Football Draft. We thought he could use his laptop and I could use Shaun's laptop (wireless connection in the apartment), but we couldn't both connect. So I drafted my first few players, then logged off so he could draft his players. If you're not logged on and physically drafting, the computer will do it for you. And sometimes that's just not a good thing. But I got a good team. Peyton Manning, Josh Brown and some other running backs and wide receivers that I'm told are good. I can't keep them straight.

The draft took a little over an hour, then I made dinner and we watched Hedwig and the Angry Inch. He'd never seen it. Weird. So I had to enlighten him.

And we had plum pie for dessert.

Which I don't think my stomach liked (it was either the pie or the beet salad I had for lunch earlier in the day). I woke up this morning and it was making noises I had never heard before. Very scary. But after emptying it's entire contents in every way possible, life started to look much better. I actually made it to work, which was touch and go there for a bit. So no more plum pie (or beet salad) for me.

And I was back on the soup diet today. Which is okay because I treated myself to lots of sweets over the weekend.

And now I'm vegged out in front of the TV and I'm actually thinking about going to bed. I'm beat. It's too bad, too, because it's just a beautiful day here. If I were in my new apartment in Ballard, I would walk over to the Locks, throw a blanket down and watch the pretty boats go by. Ah, but not yet.

12 days and counting......

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Dee said...

You were invited to 3 parties in one day??? Quite the popular lady. A pie party - I must say that's a new one for me. And I'm thinking maybe it was a combination of the beet salad and the plum pie. Although I must say the plum pie sounds better than beet salad.