Wednesday, August 22, 2007


So, this break up shit is exhausting.
Tuesday was a better day than Monday, although I went straight home from work, got in my jammies and watched TV all night. It was apparently just what I needed because this morning, I was in a much better headspace.

Until I accidently ran across photos of our friend's recent visit to Seattle, complete with pictures of all of the events this summer that I either wasn't invited to or chose not to participate in.


So even though I may have moved two steps forward last night, I am now four step back at this very moment.

On the bright side, I'm going in to sign my lease tomorrow morning.

Maybe I just shouldn't post until I've got something upbeat to convey........


Mom said...

And once you sign your lease and finally have a place of your own, you'll be 6 steps ahead and there won't be any more steps back. Think positive - it's going to get much better and you'll end up wondering why you were so upset!

Anonymous said...

Hang in there. You've been thru a lot. When you get your new apartment, maybe splurge and buy some new jammies :) Could never know

MamaMary said...

Mom's right. Plus, we'd miss you terribly if you didn't blog. And, you know that no matter how happy, sad, frustrated, irritated, - - whatever your mood, we love you and love hearing from you! Hang In There!

Dee said...

I see two positives in your post:
1. Came home from work,got in your jammies and watched tv all night - sounds like heaven to me. Not to make light of your situation in any way - just trying to find the positives.
2. You're signing the lease for your new apartment today! Woo-hoo!
You're probably sick of people telling you to look at the bright side and things will be better soon, but they really will. It's easier for us to "see" b/c we're looking in from the outside. If you stop posting, how will we know if you need cheering up? Hang tough (as Aunt Jeannie likes to say). ;>)