Saturday, August 18, 2007

Busy Week

Well. Whew.
I left the apartment Sunday. Suffice it to say, staying there wasn't working, so I came back to Jessica's. And now I'm doing laundry and packing up to head up to Shaun's, on Capital Hill. He's leaving Friday to travel for two and half weeks, so at least I'll only be in his hair for a week. And he works long hours so we only see each other for a couple of hours every evening. Not too bad. I don't feel like I'm too much of an imposition.

And so a weekly update....

Monday - moving. I had bought $150 worth of groceries because I thought I'd be at the apartment for a while. So I went back there after work and packed them all up and brought them to Jessica's. Actually, half went to work (Amy's frozen dinners for lunches, soup and salad fixins) because Jessica didn't have room in her fridge. I think this officially deems me homeless.

Tuesday - walked Greenlake with a couple of friends. I'm making new girlfriends. I think it's good for me. Male friends have the potential to get me into trouble.

Wednesday - community dinner with Jessica, her boyfriend, their downstairs neighbors (their house is a duplex), and a couple of other friends. Completely vegan dinner. And delicious. I will have to say one thing about couch surfing: I'm broading my horizons. When else would I have the opportunity to eat a homemade vegan feast? Oh, I can just hear my family now as they read this. Have an open mind, people!

Thursday - I had to be at work for the 7am staff meeting. But sharing a bathroom with two other people gives me a good excuse to be late for that. So I laid in bed until 7am, then went in.

That afternoon I looked at three apartments at the Lock Haven (across the street from the Lock Vista). And I think I may finally have an apartment now. I had my pick, since my application was in the first of July. I turned down the third floor place, despite the incredible views to the south and the west. My knees indicated that they would not be happy living in a 3rd floor walk up. I turned down the first floor apartment, despite the fact that it was going to be completely redone because the tenant, who just passed away a few weeks ago (but not in the apartment) at the age of 97, had been there over 10 years and they had never updated the place. It had windows on the east and west walls, but because it was the ground floor, it was a bit darker than the others and it wouldn't be ready until October 1st. I don't think I can wait until October 1st.

In the end, I chose the middle one. Literally. It's on the first floor, facing north, but the building is on a hill. So looking out the south windows, you're technically on the third floor. High up, tons of light (two south facing windows) and even two windows on the east wall. And $40 cheaper than the Lock Vista would have been. They'll put in new carpet and the place will be ready for move in on September 8th. Only a few more weeks!

So Thursday was a damn good day. That evening, I went to the Lock & Keel (by myself, thank you) and sat with a table of regulars, had some dinner and watched the Chiefs and the Dolphins. I got my ass kicked at pool because one of the guys signed me up on the regulars' table, and those guys are good. But I held my own (for a while).

Friday - BOOKSHELVES ARRIVED!!! I sweet talked a manly co-worker to put them together for me. I'll have to unpack my boxes on Monday, which shouldn't been too hard since our computers have just about been completely down for a week. No one can work. Email locks up, we can't get to any of our saved documents. Crazy.

And Friday evening, MickeyP abducted me and took me a drive-in movie. Which I have never been to! A woman stopped us as we were walking around and asked "Now, is it pathetic that I'm 30 years old and I've never been to a drive in?!" I said, "Absolutely not! I'm 32 and never been!" We saw Ratatouilli and the Simpsons. Harry Potter was playing after that, but I don't much care about Harry Potter. I know, I know. Gasp! But Ratatouilli was fantastic. Three movies for $7! Plus the cost of alcohol we snuck in....

So yes. Busy week. This week I have walking plans again (it's looking to be a regular Tuesday thing.....I'll have to reschedule my other Tuesday walking buddy), a birthday bonfire at Shilshole, and then back to back parties on Saturday. If I just keep busy, these next few weeks will just fly by and before you know it, I'll be blogging from my Very Own Apartment.

How exciting.
Kind of.

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