Friday, July 6, 2007

Lighter topics

Well, kind of.
I had to change my password at work two months ago. I must have been in a bad state of mind. It's now "Justletmedie1". I chuckle every time I logon.

Let's see.....what else has happened that has absolutely nothing to do with relationship crap?

Fourth of July.
I spent the entire day with Cyn because she would not let me out of her sight. I just love her. We shopped on Capitol Hill, which was miserable because everyone was so freakin' happy. Then we went back to her place, ate and got ready to party it up that evening. I was just as enthused as that sentence indicates. We went to a houseboat party (ie kegger) down on Lake Union that was lame. Lots of early 20 somethings talking and giggling way too loud. And all the boys were hanging on each other. How is that going to help me right now?

Then we wondered up the street to another, more intimate gathering that didn't do it for me either. I was extremely tired at this point - up early that day, walking around in the sun all day, blah. So I went back to my friend's place (who was out of town for a few days) and cleaned.

Odd, yes. But therapeutic.
I had some mint chocolate chip ice cream, watched some cable, then went to bed.
Happy 4th.

Yesterday, had a doctor's appointment and had to have blood drawn. 'Nuff said. It was a bad, bad day.

And tonight I'm going back to our apartment.
This really isn't a "lighter topic" is it?

Okay, enough for today.

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Santana Maple said...

Hang in there little one. It WILL get better. Every time I have made a difficult/painful decision for myself, great things ended up being right around the corner...