Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The Infamous Spin Cycle

The one time I lean up against a washer during the spin cycle, the neighbors come home. And I look like an idiot.

You've heard about the Spin Cycle. All the vibrating, all the knockin' around......the gals seem to like it. I never knew what the big deal was, but apparently I just didn't have the right washing machine. I've never seen one thrash about enough to peak my interest.

Anyway, I still hadn't done laundry yet since I got back from Chicago, so I'm being all domestic this evening. I'm staying at Jessica's (no more Capitol Hill for me!) while she and her man are out of town until Sunday. I have the run of the place, but I don't know how long their washer and dryer takes. So I went out to check on the first load and the washer was just ramping up to the spin cycle.


I thought the thing was going to explode. I just stood there and watched all 15 minutes of it. Fascinating. The things that were sitting on top of it looked like they were just going to bounce right off of the edge. I had images of the door on the front just shooting off and water and soap just spraying everywhere. Then it occurred to me - this must be the kind of washing machine that those kinky gals have.

So the washer finished, I switched out the clothes and came back in the house. I thought I gave the machines ample time to run their course before I went back out, but no. The dryer was cooling down, and the washer.....well, the washer was ramping up again. Taunting me. Since I knew it wasn't going to actually explode, I just sauntered over, turned around, and leaned my butt up against it.

Huh. I could see the appeal.

No sooner had I thought of turning around when the door to the little laundry room suddenly flew open and there was a very tall, very surprised woman, holding a bicycle. I must have been beet red, but I think I played it off well by standing straight up and saying "Hi! I'm Raechelle!" Following this very tall woman was her husband, whom I've met before and is aware that I'm staying here for a while. They said hi, passed through, put their bikes away then went into the apartment under Jessica's house.

The washer was still spinning, but I stayed on the other side of the room.
I've had enough excitement for one night.

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