Wednesday, July 18, 2007

The Enemy Part II

Right here is exactly why I'm having such a hard time finding an apartment that I can afford:

From craigslist/jobs/admin:

"Evil, Greedy Bastards*" is a real estate investor/developer company specializing in purchasing, converting, and selling single and multi-family properties in Seattle. We have over 10 years of experience acquiring premium real estate in Seattle, resulting in $200 million annually from closing on both Land and Apartment transactions. Our condo conversions range from $3-50 million per project with a successful turn around time averaging 6 months and we get an average of 3 to 5 conversion opportunities a month. We’ve recently acquired over 300 units in some of the hottest areas in Seattle including: Ballard, Capital Hill, and Eastlake and are in position to acquire more within the next 6 months. Our offices are located on Lake Union and we offer competitive wages, a comprehensive health and dental plan, and have a friendly, fast-paced environment that is fun and casual.

(*Not the company's real name)

Reading shit like this makes my blood boil. They're proud of what they're doing. They're creating "affordable homeownership". They're kicking people, who can't afford to buy a house, which is why they're renting, out of their homes so they can make money.

Why is this okay? Why do we allow this?
How do we stop it?

And they spelled Capitol Hill wrong. Proof that money doesn't make you smart. How hard is it to use Google?

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Mom said...

Calm down darlin'. This is the real world and that's what they do. If you don't calm down, your blood pressure is going to go out of sight! And you're way too young for that!
(I agree with you tho . . . . .)