Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Random Thoughts and Other Crap

While I am 150% into Christmas this year, I am obviously old and don’t care about my presents.  We have a ton of gifts under the tree and I have yet to bend down there and look to see what I have.

It’s too hard to get back up.


We went to KMTT’s Winter Warmth Concert last Thursday evening.  I enjoyed Florence and The Head and the Heart and Mat Kearney,  but the venue (WAMU Theater) was cavernous and sterile and cold.  There was no “warmth” there whatsoever.  And I was tired, so I was cranky and just not in the mood to deal with all the little 20 somethings who were drinking and dancing around all carefree because they got to nap after their shift at Starbucks and despite all of that alcohol, they would be probably be able to bounce back up at 5am the next morning feeling oh so perky and ready for life while I had to take Friday off because I knew there was no way in hell I’d be able to get up on time for work after going to bed at midnight.

Yes, maybe I’m a little bitter because I have to work a desk job in order to be an adult and pay my mortgage.  Hmph.


However, taking Friday off was just fine with me.  I slept in until 9ish, and I had a leisurely breakfast and then finally got my butt in gear and went shopping all freakin’ day.  It was wonderful.

I might have also had a happy meal for lunch.  Oops.


Friday night was pizza and movies.  We watched Super 8.  I didn’t care for it.  While it’s JJ Abrams, it was just like every Spielberg movie ever made, all rolled into one. 


The kids liked it, though.

Then we watched the new Green Lantern.  It doesn’t matter what it was about.  Ryan Reynolds is hawt.


Saturday, we ran some errands, then delivered gift baskets/bags to our neighbors.  That’s the best part of Christmas for me.  Spoiling people.

We put in wine for the grown ups, fancy Christmas sodas for the kiddos, Todd's homemade banana bread, some chocolates, shortbread cookies and a little fun thing like a game or finger puppets.

I love our neighbors.


Saturday night, we went to see Twelfth Night’s “It a Wonderful Life” at Kenyon Hall.  Todd wasn’t in it this year.  It was lovely, as always.  We ended up hanging out with some of the cast at a local bar afterwards.  Low key, easy evening.


And Saturday Night Live’s Weekend Update is totally worth mentioning.  Alec Baldwin, despite being a prick sometimes, is freakin’ awesome.


Todd got up early on Sunday to meet Ron for coffee, so I finally woke up at 11am.  Kayleigh came into chat, so I just laid in bed until noon and talked with her and cuddled with Tom.  Once I finally got up, we had breakfast, then K decided she wanted to make cookies.  So, she baked and I cleaned while we listened to Christmas music.  It was just like being a kid again, hanging out with mom on the weekends.

And it made me a little homesick.


Once Todd finally returned, we chilled out on the couch for the afternoon and snoozed.  Then we went to the store for dinner supplies and I cleaned up his kitchen so he could cook, and he made a wonderful dinner of fried rice (I swear to gawd I’d starve if he ever left me now) and then there was “Hell on Wheels” and “Grimm” and then taking Jamie’s neighbor basket to her and then finally, sweet sweet sleep.

I like sleeping way too much.


And to prove that the holidays are in full swing, we have two evenings with no plans the seven days.  We’ve got my winter soiree, dinner  with new friends, an Ugly Sweater Christmas party, a responsible adult Christmas party and a gift exchange with Doug and Ann.  Oh, and then a few days later, dinner with Doug and Ann.

I live for the busy times.
Now if I could just stay awake during the day…

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