Monday, October 24, 2011

Weekend Update….and Viadoom

For those of you not from ‘round here, there’s big happenings right now.  One of our major north-south arteries, the Alaskan Way Viaduct, is being torn down.  This is has been in the works for a while (don’t get me started on the tunnel they’re building….along the waterfront, in ground that is landfill, in earthquake country) but over the weekend, we had a major development.

They started Friday night.

Now you can take the West Seattle Bridge (our one major escape off of the West Seattle peninsula)  to I5 and go north or south, but that’s just crazy stupid.  Way too many cars for just that one route.  So we West Seattlites usually take the Alaska Way Viaduct.  It’s like our local freeway. 

And now it's closed.

The news leading up to this nine day closure came with a few  different nicknames – Via Con Dios, Carmageddon, Viapocalypse.  I prefer Viadoom.  Easier to say.  We were being told to allow at least one extra hour for our commute.  One whole hour.  There are survival guides.  People took the week off from work to avoid the commute all together. 

I took the bus this morning.  I might have still been stuck in traffic, but at least I didn’t have figure out which route to take.

All in all, I was 15 minutes late to work this morning.  And I would have been out the door much earlier if it hadn’t been for Tom puking under the bed as I was getting ready.  That led to me and Todd pulling out the bed so I could get back there to clean it up, which led me to vacuuming back there because, oh my gawd, the dust and cat hair.  So, I left the house a little later than I intended.  Which was okay because it seems that everyone else left an hour earlier, so the roads were pretty open at 7:30am. 

Rumor has it that the next few days will be worse.  People overcompensated and left really early, or took the bus when they’d normally drive, or just took the freakin’ day off.  I’m curious to see how things end up toward the end of the week.

So that’s the exciting news around here.

West Seattle hosted a few local, stay-on-the peninsula events over the weekend (Viadeals), but Todd and I had no reason to leave anyway.  It was our neighbor’s big ass Halloween party Saturday night.

Todd was a steam punk monster hunter, and I was a flapper.

And can I just say, holy shit, I am a big girl.  I think I’m okay with my size (even when I’m buying a size 16 dress) but then I see a picture and I don’t even recognize myself.  Maybe my back was just uber arched?

But I’m happy!  So you have to pick your battles, right?

Maybe pick your battles and skip dinner occasionally.

(Don't even mention the wine.  Just don't.)

Like that coat?  That was an impulse buy that afternoon.  It's chenille or crushed velvet.  Very soft.  Very sexy. 

And my man with all his knives and guns and pointy sideburns.  Such a cutie.

We hung out at our neighbor's until the bitter end (i.e. they kicked us out because they were tired and just wanted to go to bed, but if you were so tired, Mr. Neighbor, why did you keep refilling my wine glass?  Enablers.) then crashed at home and watched some TV. 

And Sunday was a ridiculous game of touch football.  Just....ridiculous. Three to 6?  Really?  You couldn't score more than three points in two and half hours?  Really?  You make it really hard to support you, 'Hawks.  Real.Hard.

After football, it was time for some therapy, so after Todd left for "War of the Worlds" load in, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned.  And I taught Kayleigh to clean her bathroom.  She did okay with the sink, but man, when it came time to get all up in the toilet, she was dry heaving.  I told her to bow down to the porcelain goddess and scrub her real good.  

Kayleigh asked, "Why do you keep calling it a "goddess"?!  I said, "Because she takes a lot of shit from people.  Now scrub."


We had already made plans to go get pedicures that evening, so I reminder her that our reward was just a couple of hours away.   She replied with, "It's not worth it!"  So I ended up buying her ice cream, too.  She did good.

After our pedicures and grocery shopping, we came home and made tuna melts for dinner.  Which is really, really difficult when you gag at the sight of mayo.  But I got through it, and the sandwiches were yummy, and we watched The Money Pit, which now reminds me of when we first moved into our house.  One freakin' thing after another.

And then Todd got home and there was lots of cuddling and then bedtime.

And now, as I type this, I think I need to maybe make an eye doctor's appointment because I find myself leaning closer and closer to the screen because the letters are all running together.  Crap.

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Lucy Leadskin said...

"Kayleigh asked, "Why do you keep calling it a "goddess"?! I said, "Because she takes a lot of shit from people. Now scrub.""

And this is why you are awesome.

Carry on. :D