Monday, November 1, 2010

Spooky Weekend Update

There was much spookiness this weekend, as there should be at the end of October.

Friday night, the family gathered around the tube for Nightmare on Elm Street. The kids had never seen it. It’s a classic! And it’s Johnny Depp’s first movie! It was just as bad as we remembered, but it was a nice flashback.

After that, we watched Cat’s Eye, a collection of Stephen King short films.

Oh, first we started to watch Thankskilling, but when it opened with a shirtless female pilgrim running from a demonic turkey who used the F word, we decided it wasn’t just a cheesy horror film – it was a waste of electricity to even view it on the TV.

Then we watched Cat’s Eye.

And then everyone retired. Because it was late.

Saturday, up around 9am and domestic until it was time for our neighbors’ Halloween party at 4pm. Todd was a pirate, I was a rock star. As I always am. In my head.

The party was oodles of fun (so many cute kiddies!), and we excused ourselves around 6:30pm to go home and prepare for our own little Halloween gathering. Steve, Stephanie and Aunt Mardie came over, and our neighbors Joe and Carrie joined us a while later, for more noshing, drinking and games.

And then, ack. Midnight and bed.

Sunday was a lazy day of sleeping late and football. I love days like that. I don’t love days when the Seahawks lose 3 to 33, but I stayed with them til the end, despite my frustration. I don’t know how long I can keep this up, though.

And last night was potato soup (homemade, thankyouverymuch. Or, Todd thanks you very much as he made it) and more horror TV (28 Days Later, which is actually a very good horror movie, and the premiere of The Walking Dead on AMC, which is a new series based on the comic book) while answering the door for trick-r-treaters.

Oddly enough, I only had one semi-nightmare this weekend. And I can’t even really remember it now. I know it was about a zombie and I remember thinking, in my dream, this is just because I’ve watched scary movies all weekend.

And here we are at Monday, where it’s 50 degrees and pissing down rain like you would not believe. I made the mistake of wearing my gaucho pants and ballet slippers today and, after my walk to salsa lunch, my shoes are still wet and my feet are pruned. I cannot wait to take a hot bubble bath and read my book tonight.

I love Autumn.

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