Saturday, October 23, 2010

It Appears That Sir Pukesalot May Be Malicious

I was awakened bright and early this morning (6:30 to be exact) by Kayleigh’s alarm clock. She had forgotten to turn it off before she left for her overnight yesterday.

As soon as opened the bedroom door to go turn it off, Tom blew in like he does every morning. It was too much effort to shoo him out, so I just turned off Kayleigh’s radio, fed the kitties, and crawled back in bed with Todd. Tom walked around for a while, trying to find the perfect way to lay on me, but he’s not used to Todd being there. Todd didn’t want to cuddle with him, so Tom kept walking around, trying to get comfortable.

After a few minutes of this, Tom got fed up, jumped off the bed and left the room. Well, okay fine, be that way. There was plenty of room for him to lay on my side, but he just couldn’t work it with Todd there.

A few minutes later, we heard Tom’s tag jingle as he walked back in the bedroom. I figured he was going to try this cuddle thing again.


He walked all the way around to my side of the bed, crouched on the floor and puked.

Really? Right there? I believe his point was made. He was not happy that Todd was in that bed. Morning time is TOM TIME.

So I got up, went and got the paper towels, cleaned up the mess, walked back in the kitchen to throw the paper towels away, patted Tom on the head and said “You can still cuddle with us” then crawled back in bed and snuggled up with Todd.

Not 30 seconds later, I heard Tom at it again, this time at the foot of the bed.

You’re kidding, right? Like I didn’t get the point the first time? It’s a damn good thing you’re cute, Tom.

Back out to the kitchen to get the paper towels, back to clean up the mess and give Tom a lecture, and back into bed. This time, leaving the paper towels on my dresser, so I wouldn’t have to get up again.

Well, by this time I was wide awake, as was Todd. So we made the most of our early day and walked down to Easy Street for breakfast.

I could be angry with Tom, but he had such a rough start in life that I can’t bring myself to scold him. I’m just choosing to put a positive spin on this and say, “Hey! I was up at 6:30am on a Saturday! And I’m not even angry about it!”

Gotta find the silver lining, right?


Anonymous said...

At least you got to eat breakfast at Easy Street...yum!! My favorite:)

Kristin said... guys are such nice kitty parents! I'm glad Tom found you (that lucky little turd).