Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!

Today is my parents’ 37th anniversary.

Or is it 38th? I think they’re just happy that I remember the day. And how can I forget? October 13th. They were actually married on a Friday. In their blue jeans, in front of a Justice of the Peace. Then they had a helluva reception.

You know what I love about my parents? They still love each other so much. Yes, they bicker and yes, I have to listen to them gripe about the other one on the phone occasionally, but when you’re with them, you see them still kiss goodnight before they go to bed and say “I love you”. I see dad strut around in his boxer shorts and slippers just to make mom laugh until she chokes. I see mom pet my dad’s head when he’s tired or doesn’t feel well.

They still visibly love each other.

But they’re also still very strong, independent people. Mom takes off for her sister’s for a night and dad doesn’t go. He doesn’t like sleeping in strange houses. They love being together, but they’re also okay being apart.

My parents are a shining example of what I want my marriage to be like. They’ve always been great role models for how it works – yes, you fight and you maybe don’t like some of the things the other one does, but all that stuff is piddly. It’s the support that matters. Mom supporting dad when he was changing jobs every year or having a hard time making ends meet, and dad supporting mom when she had back surgery, neck surgery and lung surgery. It’s the love and support. And they show it to each other every single day.

Happy anniversary to my two favorite people ever.  Thank you for everything.

1979.  I think. Daddy loved my pool.

Mom could never get the laundry folded.

At the Armadillo, kikkerdancing. After Dad lost all of his hair.

Just an average day for ma and pa.
1986 maybe?  Smoochies.  And sideburns.


Anonymous said...

Love it, Bink. Raechelle. Sorry. But during all those times in the pics, you were Bink! They are 2 of my favorite people, too!! Love Y'all.

Anonymous said...

It's 37 years. And thank you for all your good thoughts. We love you!


Kristin said...

Love all the pics! Too cute :)