Monday, October 11, 2010

3 Day Weekend Update

The weekend actually started Thursday, with a sever bout of the I-don’t-wannas. I laid in bed until 8am, knowing full well I needed to get up and go to work, but that wasn’t motivation enough. Coffee wasn’t enough, it being my Friday wasn’t enough. I had no gumption.

Not good. Not good at all.

I finally made it to work, but after five hours, took a bit of sick time and went back home, and back to bed. Where I slept until 5pm, and I woke up only because we had dinner plans with Todd’s stepmom.

After dinner, back home, back to bed.

Thankfully, I took Friday off to go to the Seattle Home Show. That was motivation to get up Friday morning, but not as early as I had hoped. At least I got out of bed.

After stopping at Bakery Nouveau for coffee and a twice baked croissant (because you do what you gotta do to be happy sometimes….despite the calories) we headed to Qwest Field to check out contractors, tilers, roofers, designers, awesome hot tubs, little cottages, and everything else your heart desires when it comes to building a master suite.

This improved my mood considerably.

After spending five hours at the Home Show, Todd and I came back home to nap and then host Hans and Ron for the evening. We did the traditional Friday pizza and movie night thing. Very low key.

Saturday, Todd and I spent the day cleaning because 1) the house really needed it and 2) Kim-n-Tim (sans Milo) were coming over for dinner. Tim surveyed the front yard for landscaping ideas (our yard is in desperate need of maintenance) then Todd made his cheesy pasta and fruity salad. We finished off with homemade pumpkin pie (Tim is also an awesome baker) and relaxing chatter until about 10pm.

And Sunday was a mindless-oh-my-gawd-we-have-nothing-to-do-how-can-this-be?! day. Todd made breakfast, then we threw some laundry in. Then Miles came over, then Lydia came over, then Todd and I left. Because that’s too many teenagers.

We toodled around Westwood Village, bought a new clock, then drove down to Alki to get coffee and sit on the beach and people watch. It was odd to not have anything we had to do, to just sit in one spot and be. It made me antsy.

After finishing our coffee (and watching a seagull poop from the sky, right next to us) we decided we should head back.

And upon arriving at home, we found our three neighbors beside us, outside, putting up their Halloween decorations while all their kids ran around between the yards. It was a wonderful, autumn day in our neighborhood. Eventually, after chatting with everyone, Todd and I decided we needed to keep up and put out our decorations. Our neighbor’s daughter came over and helped put spider webs on the bushes, and Todd put the orange lights around the holly bush (very dangerous).

And then the sun started to set and it got chilly, so one by one, everyone went inside to start their dinners. It’s afternoons like that I feel completely happy and at peace.

Todd whipped up some chicken goop (chicken over rice with mushroom gravy, broccoli and mushrooms) and after cleaning the kitchen, we curled up on the bed to organize all of handouts from the Home Show. I cleared out my Holy-Crap-I’m-Actually-Getting-Married wedding binder and it is now our Holy-Crap-We’re-Doing-Construction binder. We have many tabs.  General contractors, architects, framers, roofers, plumbers, electricians, carpentry, fixtures and flooring. There’s also a section for Pertinent Articles and Concepts/Pics. I may also need a spreadsheet for contact info. We’ll see.

And this week's calendar is already jam packed. Business meetings, kickboxing classes, Bob Schneider show, and birthday parties.

Whew! Who needs a nap?

I need a nap.
I always need a nap.

Gotta talk to my therapist about that…..

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