Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Poops for Kidd Valley

The first time CB and I went to Kidd Valley for lunch, I asked for a kid’s meal. I’m no fool. I know the regular size hamburgers are way too big for me and my tiny, petite frame (shut up!) The cashier said yes, I could do a kid’s meal, but they also had “mini meals”, which as I look at the online Kidd Valley menu, must just be special to the Queen Anne Kidd Valley.

The kid’s cheeseburger meal is $3.65. That includes a small fries and a small drink. But that hamburger is a tiny little plain hamburger. And a shake is extra. The mini-meal’s cheeseburger is, I believe, $2.65 and it’s smaller than the regular, but it’s loaded. Then you can get a small fries/small shake combo for $2.95. And the small shake is smaller than the small soda size.

So! You may pay $2 more than the kids meal, but you get smaller portions, fully loaded and a tiny shake to boot. Win win!

Now, if it weren’t for the homeless guy pooping on the sidewalk in front of the place, it would be the perfect lunch spot!

Yes. I’m serious.
And no, we won’t we be going to that Kidd Valley again.

I hate the city.

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Hopeful said...

OMG! Pooping? Really? UGH!
I just restarted my blog if you'd like to check her out. BTW, I love how you did your header, how did you do that? It looks sooo professional. Maybe I'm just not very tech savy (ok no maybe about it.)