Thursday, July 29, 2010

Random Thoughts

How do you get your man to make you a breakfast sandwich?

When you’re laying in bed, waking up, nuzzle him and ask him if he’s hungry. When he says yes, say “You should make yourself a breakfast sandwich. With cheese. And while you’re at it, make me one, too.”

Your man will inevitably pinch/tickle/bite/punch you, but you’ll giggle and be cute, therefore he won’t be able to resist and you will, in fact, get your breakfast sandwich.


It’s been so hot here, I have a heat rash in my cleavage.

TMI? No such thing on this blog.


My next door cube neighbor just got one of the new VOIP phones (I’ve had one for almost a year) and she discovered that she can change her ringtone. Instead of a ring now, I hear a man’s voice say “Are you there? Are you there?”

Haha. Yeah, that was funny the first two times it rang. I sense it won’t be funny for long.

My ringtone is a classic rotary dial ring. Unique, no?


The light at Mercer is SO LONG that I can:

File all 10 of my nails
De-cathair my outfit
Floss my teeth
Pluck my eyebrows
Organize my purse
Swiffer the front section of my car
Start a blogpost


I came up with a new hairstyle. I call it “Woke Up Too Late To Blow Dry My Hair But Thank Gawd I Have Gel Cause Now I Have That Hip Disheveled Look”.

And I bought some temporary color, so Todd is going to help me color my hair tonight. I need some foofin’.


Todd and I watched It Might Get Loud last night. You’re not going to care very much if you’re not into music or guitars, but for those of us who are, HOLY CRAP.

To watch The Edge (from U2) ask Jack White (from the White Stripes) to teach him the basic riff for “Seven Nation Army”, and then to watch Jimmy Page (from Led Zeppelin) join in and then three of the awesomest guitar players jam together….well, it just makes the brain explode.

Ya gotta like guitar players to get it.


And, as always, I leave you with cuteness.

(Well, this IS an armchair, is it not?)

(The wide angle of Tom's tushy)

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Cole said...

so glad you posted this, as you know my LOVE for all things U2, and related to U2 :)