Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Random Thoughts

I’m wearing jeans today. I haven’t worn jeans in almost two weeks. And it’s been fantastic. These really aren’t comfortable at all. Maybe I just need bigger ones?



Our new cell phone law went into effect on June 1. In the past, talking on the phone wasn’t reason enough to pull someone over. If a cop pulled them over for speeding, and they happened to be on their phone, then they could get ticket for that. But now, cops can pull you over if they see you talking on your phone or texting.

I like this new law (because I have Bluetooth.)

While sitting at the SLUT light, I only saw two people talking on their phones as they drove by. This used to be how I killed time at this intersection – put the car in park, count the jackasses on the their phones.

But today, only two. Guess that $124 ticket is a deterrent, huh?


The taste of warm Coke or Pepsi immediately takes me back to Surfside Beach in Texas.

We moved to Texas in 1982 and my folks were so excited to live near a beach, we were there every weekend during the summer. And we were professional beach people. We had the truck stocked full of towels, coolers, blow up rafts, lawn chairs and the radio. We would spend hours and hours at the beach. And we didn’t wear sunscreen! Cause it was Texas! In the 80’s!

Anyway, the cooler would be stocked with Pepsi and cheese and bologna for sandwiches. I would nurse a Pepsi all day, because you know I don’t drink much throughout the day (unless it’s alcohol, but I was 8 then) and by the afternoon my Pepsi would be warm. And usually full of sand.

Anyway, I got a Coke out of the vending machine on Monday, and didn’t finish it, so it was still sitting on my desk. When I took a swig, it was warm and I was right back at Surfside Beach, in my little blue bathing suit, listening to The Bellamy Brothers and smelling the dirty beach water.

Good times.


It’s actually pretty beautiful here today - 74 degrees and sunny. Just lovely. Seattle had a major heat wave last week. But luckily, Todd, Kayleigh and I were in West Virginia where it, too, was hot and miserable but we were blessed with air conditioning. A luxury we do not have here in Seattle.

Todd and I are contemplating ceiling fans, though. It just makes sense, doesn’t it?


I leave you today with Elvis.

 (Our long, proper kitty)

(Elvis 'tocks)

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