Monday, June 21, 2010

Quick Father’s Day Weekend Update

We had an especially low-key but social weekend. I love those.

Friday, I took 1.5 hours of vacation and rushed home to get some yard work done. It was close to 75 degrees and sunny and our grass was about knee high. So, Kayleigh mowed the front yard, while I held the electric cord and then swept up. Then Todd mowed the back, while I pulled the two foot tall weeds along the fence and parking pad. We still need to weed eat, but the yard looks much, much better.

Then Stephanie and Isabella dropped by to say hi, but ended up staying for Friday night movies. Dan, Trish and Rosiland also joined us. We watch Mirromask, which Steph and Isa really enjoyed, even though it was a bit scary in some parts for Isa. It’s a beautiful film with a lot of special effects and a dreamy quality.

Saturday, I slept in until 10am, then got into housewife mode. I made coffee, had breakfast, cleaned up the kitchen, started some laundry, tidied up the bedroom. It was lovely.

JD and Ron came over that afternoon to see Todd’s progress on the video, then Lydia came over later that afternoon. Todd and I went grocery shopping, then he made some cheesy pasta for dinner (it’s the best, Jerry, the BEST!) and then watched The Crucible (Kayleigh's choice) with Daniel Day Lewis (yuck) and Wynona Ryder (yay!).

The Crucible is about the Salem Witch Trials. Great film, but just maddening because 1) it’s a true story and 2) people were so ignorant back then. Wynona would simply say “I saw so and so with the devil!” and suddenly that person would be arrested and hanged because they were practicing witchcraft. No proof. Just one jealous little girl’s comment and BAM! Executed. Maddening.

And then Sunday was Father’s Day. When I finally dragged my butt out of bed to give Todd his card and make french toast for breakfast, I found him already online with JD playing Champions. So, he had a good start to his day. I made breakfast for everyone, then we got cleaned up, took Lydia home and went to see Toy Story 3 downtown (daddy’s selection for Father’s Day).

There are not enough good things to say about Toy Story 3 or Pixar. Those people are freakin’ amazing.

And then after the movie, Stephanie and I got some one on one bonding time talking houses and watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall (which I absolutely loved) at her house, while Steve and Todd hung out and watched their own set of movies. When I got home, at 9:30pm, I could hear Rock Band from down on the sidewalk. Todd and the kids were rockin’ out. It was a nice ending to a nice weekend.

And the West Virginia Countdown – 13 days.



Anonymous said...

Can't wait - just praying for beautiful,sunny weather and NO RAIN!

love ya, mom

Anonymous said...

You wouldn't want Todd to have to punch the WV mud IN THE FACE!


TD said...

And you know I will...