Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Bathroom Etiquette

Am I the only one who peeks under the stall to see if someone is in there, instead of just yanking on the locked door? That yank is quite startling when you’re trying to go pee. How hard is it to just bend over a little and look for feet?

And also, please don’t stand in the bathroom and have a conversation. I’m trying to do some personal business here and it’s hard enough when there’s someone else in the next stall trying to do their own personal business. But when I know you’re just standing out there, flapping your gums, it’s just added pressure. I don’t want to interrupt you with some loud, obnoxious sound, but then, maybe if I do, you’ll get the point and move your conversation out into the lobby.

In any event, give me some privacy, please. I don’t come stand in your cube to fart. Don’t come into the bathroom to talk.