Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What a Crappy, Crappy Day

Corey Haim died and I had to get blood taken first thing this morning.

Why does the Universe hate me so!?

I had posters of Corey Haim on my walls for years when I was in middle school. Corey and New Kids on the Block (don’t judge me) and Corey Feldman and Johnny Depp.

I’d probably still have Johnny Depp posters on the wall if my husband would let me.

Anywho, Todd broke the news to me first thing this morning, and I was floored. Not really surprised; Corey had been an addict for a long time. But we had just been talking with Val and Doug at dinner Saturday about our teenage crushes, and I mention Corey Haim. So sad.

And I got blood taken today (and had to have an extra person hold me down – I was not doing well this morning) because my primary doctor and my therapist wanted to check my thyroid and my iron levels and all that good stuff to try to figure out why I’m exhausted all the freakin’ time. Am I just crashing from a year of constant go go go? Do I have an imbalance? Am I depressed? Is sitting at a computer for eight hours a day draining me?

Who knows. I’m just sick of it. And I think I completely slept through my dawn simulator this morning. I was up at 3am trying to suck air through my nose (because I cannot fall asleep breathing through my mouth), which woke Todd up and I’m sure annoyed him, so he got me some Sudafed even though I tried to be stoic and say “No, no. I’ll be fine.” I finally got a clear nostril and fell back asleep around 4am and when I finally opened my eyes, it was 6:45am.


I don’t even know if the thing lit up, but if it did, I missed it. Maybe I should set Todd’s alarm as well, just as a back up.


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Lucy Leadskin said...

Honey, I think it's just because you got *slammed* last year with all the good stuff going on. Now that life's settling down, your body is saying, "Oh thank god, I can finally relax!"

Sending lots of energy-giving hugs!