Thursday, March 4, 2010

Random Thoughts

I think someone tried to break into my car on Tuesday.

I carpool with CB most days and we meet up at the Park and Ride parking lot under a bridge. A ton of cars park there, and we’ve never seen any damage to any. CB said she’d feel safe leaving her car there, so I wasn’t really worried.

On Tuesday, she dropped me off after work and drove away. I walked to my car and discovered my keyless entry didn’t work. My battery was dead. Huh. I called my hubby (after calling Hyundai’s roadside assistance, which is worthless) and he came down to jump start the car. As soon as there was a charge, my alarm starting going off. Yes, that could just be the power surge, but what I wonder what caused my battery to drain? Maybe my alarm going off for hours and hours?

The real eye opener was the next morning when I drove down there, there was shattered glass a few spots down from where I usually park. CB left her car that day; I’ll do the driving. If she wants to drive, I’ll drive all the way to her house and park there. No more parking under the bridge.


Did you hear that Hummer has to close down?

This makes me very, very happy. I say HAHA, Arnold! Is there really a valid reason why anyone would ever need one of these things? Especially in the city!

Stupid. Thirteen miles per gallon!! Unbelievable.

And they take up valuable parking spots because they are too wide and spill over into neighboring spots. So there.


I am sick of heartburn. SICK OF IT. Everything gives me heartburn these days.

And it’s not wine, so ha ha. I have maybe 1 glass of wine a week now (thank you pretty purple pills).


I’m also sick of sneezing. Could be allergies (trees are in bloom, office is musty), could be the cold that we all seem to be passing around, could be my itty bitty sinuses.

[*burp* – chocolate. It was the chocolate that gave me heartburn. Dammit!]

Whatever it is, I’m sick of it.

And now my ear hurts.


I love my kitty but Sir Pukes Alot chose to vomit on the bed the other morning. And while I didn’t know it until I was in the car on my way to work, also on my sweater that happened to be laying on the bed. Not a lot of icky, but enough icky to make me catch a whiff of it every now and then as I sat at my desk.

I now keep the bed clear of clothing.


I have a huge ugly pimple on my chin, right in the crease.
It’s high school all over again.


That’s all I got.

3 comments: said...

Not likely an ogoing car alarm. Most cars are configured to reset the alarm in 1 minute unless an entry has occured. Unlikely, but not impossible. Also, never EVER use the keyfob to lock your car. Always lock from the inside bef4 you close the door. There are devices that bad guys use to scan your locking code, then just send it back to the car when you are gone and voila, home free!

The Hamilton's said...

Yikes on the car. Not sure what else would have caused a brand new car's battery to run down like that. (Other than the obvious things like lights left on.)

Totally with ya on the Hummers. I have never, ever understood the need or desire or whatever for those things. Obscene.

Lucy Leadskin said...

Honey, you gotta stop leaving $100 bills and bags of cocaine on the seats!