Friday, February 5, 2010

But Do You Have Red Travel Mugs and Whisks?

Today is National Wear Red Day.

You would think someone could have come up with a better title.
Although, I can’t right now….

Go Red For Women is an organization dedicated to raising awareness about heart disease, the number one killer of women (lung cancer is number two, then breast cancer).

I did not know today was National Wear Red Day, but I am wearing my new red shoes, so I’m inadvertently participating.

I have to buy a laptop soon, and I really want a pink one. Not for breast cancer awareness, but because I like pink. So I will inadvertently be supporting their cause, too.

What about lung cancer? What color is their cause? I would say blue, because pictures of lungs are blue and red. Although, maybe blue is for prostate cancer.

And don’t get me started on colon cancer…


Anonymous said...

Lung cancer is a pearl color.


Anonymous said...

Love the shoes. But when I was reading the post, and before I got down to the picture, I thought you'd be wearing your red WEDDING shoes! I got excited there for a minute! Love Y'all. (Hmmm. Code word is "cough", which is all I'm doing at the present. Pulled the muscles in my chest & stomach. It's getting REAL old. Wish this virus would skeedaddle.)