Friday, December 4, 2009

Post Honeymoon Post

I’m really slacking, aren’t I? Man.
Just can’t seem to get everything caught up.

Todd already got his post honeymoon post up, which was a great day by day account of our time there. But you know me. I always like to throw my $.02 in.


Kauai was beautiful. So beautiful, in fact, that by the time our last day rolled around, Todd and I were sick of the beauty. Too much beauty! No more beauty!


We started out in Waimea, on the south coast, and stayed there Tuesday through Sunday. We became very familiar with the south shore. Then we checked into the Hilton, on the east coast, and drove around the east and north shores. You can’t really get to the west shore. But we saw that when we took the infamous sunset dinner cruise.


The sights during the sunset cruise to the Na Pali coast were absolutely incredible, and the ride was a blast. Bouncing on the waves, getting splashed and soaked from head to toe. Thrilling! The return, however, was hell. Period.

I’ve never gotten seasick. Never. But coming back, the water was rough, the wind was painful and I just felt queasy. So I did the worst thing you can possibly do; I went down below. Which of course, just made it worse. It could have also been the buffet food on the cruise. And thank goodness Todd and I didn’t partake in the alcoholic beverages during the cruise (I KNOW, right?) I can’t imagine how bad it would have been. At one point, right before we docked, I actually made a mad dash (as “mad” as you can make on a rocking, wet boat) to the head. But, thankfully, was spared the actual sickness.

Until we got back to the hotel. Oh, it was not a good night. But afterwards, all was right with the world and I was ready for a mai tai.

I bounce back like that.


November is the beginning of the rainy season, so there were showers every day. No big woop. We’d just hang out inside until it was done, the go back out to the pool, or down to the beach (Salt Pond was our beautiful beach of choice). The rain didn’t make the temperature drop at all. The only rain grrrr was that it hindered our pool plans at the Hilton. Such lovely pools and spas. But on those days, the rain was more fierce and the temperature did drop, so it was just too icky to be out in it.


The rain also prevented us from seeing the beautiful, clear blue beaches, which was probably my biggest regret. But during one rainy day drive, while following the guide book, we found Anini Beach. It had clear water, even while it was raining. We decided that’s where we will buy our summer home one day.


I am curious about the animal situation over there. The dogs and horses we saw tied up did not look good at all. Too short of leashes or too small of pens. And there were lots of stray cats, some of which were not healthy at all. And the chickens! My gawd, the chickens. Apparently, during Hurricane Iniki, the chickens all got loose and started reproducing like no one’s business. Now, they’re running amuck.

At one point I was sitting on the patio at the Hilton, reading, when a rooster came up to me. Then another one. Then another. Then three chickens. I tried to ignore them or politely shoo them away, without freaking them out, but they were very comfortable just staring at me. I ended up going inside. Too close for me.


Trying to see the Queen's Bath was an adventure. I don't know if we ever really saw it. We hiked (inadvertently, in mud, mere hours before we were supposed to fly home), we found the edge of the earth, we found signs that warned us the sea would sweep us away, but now I'm thinking the actually swimming hole was a bit farther down. Regardless, it was amazing. And scary. And boy howdy, did our legs hurt the next day. Oy.

Afterwards, we cleaned up and changed in public beach restroom, then headed off for the airport. Good times.


Another interesting thing in Kauai is the speed limits. You go from 50, down to 45, to 35 to 25, then you come to an intersection. Once you’re past the intersection, WHAM! Back up to 50. It made driving the length of the island a little longer than expected.
Oh, there so much more I could babble about, but we need to get back to random posts about shoes and birds. I’ll just sum up with it was wonderful to be able to bond with my new husband without any distractions from real life. I totally understand the meaning of a honeymoon now. And am so sad that we can’t do it once a month.


You can see all of the pics (including multiple self portraits because we are picture hogs) here.

(Please pardon the photo of me licking Todd’s face. There were cocktails involved. Cause it was our honeymoon!)

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Dee said...

You can never have too much beauty!! Loved your pictures. And when you guys buy your summer home on Anini Beach, I will be visiting. :)