Monday, September 14, 2009

"Well, sometimes I vary it a little..."

I'm mad today. So mad, at one point, I had to go outside and walk down the block to keep from throwing something. So, CB took me to Subway for lunch to get some air. She's a good friend. I told her I felt the need for something different, but I didn't think today was the day to make the change.

I'm not good at Subway. Too many choices, too many options. I lock up. CB laughs at me. Sometimes I like pickles, sometimes I don't. I have to think about what mood I'm in as I'm ordering. It's the same thing at Taco Del Mar.

Lately, I've just gotten into my routine:
6" sandwich
Whole wheat
Grilled chicken
American cheese
Lettuce, tomato, green peppers and a smidge of mayo. Just a smidge.

But today, when I was asked what kind of bread I wanted, I said Italian herb and cheese.

Gasp! Branchin' out.

And I immediately thought of this exchange in When Harry Met Sally...

Harry has asked Sally to tell him about the sex fantasy she has.

Well, basically it's the same dream I've been having since I was twelve.

Which is?

Okay, there's this guy...

What does he look like?

I don't know, he's just sort of faceless.

Faceless guy, okay.

He RIPS off my clothes.



That's it.

That's it? Some faceless guy rips off all your clothes, and THAT'S the sex fantasy you've been having since you were twelve?

Well, sometimes I vary it a little.

Which part?

What I'm wearing.

My herb and cheese bread was just the spark I needed.
Well, that and the big ass chocolate cookie I got.

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Dee said...

Wow - finally caught up on your blog. I got talked into joining FB and now I don't have time to keep up with blogs! Congrats on the house!