Wednesday, August 12, 2009

(Late) Weekend Update

In bullets!
Because I’m lazy (loaded word).


* Attended the opening of Kayleigh’s play, The Music Man, at West Seattle High School. After first having dinner and margaritas.

* The play was great, Kayleigh was great. Here’s a pic from the West Seattle Blog.

* We forgot to get flowers, but took her out for ice cream afterwards.

* Home. Bed.


* TBFE and the kids painted the new railing to the porch and cleaned off a patio set that magically appeared Friday morning. Real estate agents are sneaky that way.

* I made banana nut muffins for breakfast, did lots of overdue admin work and contacted a plumber to come out and see why there was water on the kids’ bathroom floor.

* Plumber came out, and it appears the toilet overflowed, yet no one noticed. Until late Thursday night. Plumber fixed the toilet. All is well (and dry).

* Todd and I went to Costco to prepare for Sunday’s shoot and then hit the grocery store.

* I made dinner (baked spaghetti) and we watched Serendipity while Kayleigh was at her play. Cute little movie.

* Then bed.


* Todd was up and out at 8:00am to shoot the next Duo short.

* I slept in, then took two hours getting myself together. I plucked, shaved, exfoliated, blow dried and painted stuff. It’s a rare day when I get a chance to groom.

* I took Kayleigh to her matinee and then joined Todd at the shoot.

* We wrapped about 4:00pm, then headed across the street with Trish, Dan and Dan for some munchies and beverages at The Bohemian, our new favorite little bar.

* Picked Kayleigh up after her play, headed home and vegged for the remainder of the evening.

* Then bed.

Yes, it was another one of those weekends.....whew. The fun never stops!


Anonymous said...

No picture from the West Seattle blog (or did I miss it somehow?).


Raechelle said...

You didn't miss it, mom. I put this post up quickly and forgot to link it. It's there now.