Monday, July 13, 2009

Weekend Update

As per usual, this weekend was a non-stop, breakneck speed whirlwind of productiveness and socializing. I fear the day when all of this catches up with me.

Friday night, I caught a ride with my work buddy CB to the Junction after work to meet up with Todd and enjoy my first festival of the summer (in mid-July), the West Seattle Summerfest. We saw the band Gunbunny (the drummer was in Ordinary Angels), met up with some friends for happy hour and food, then toodled around until Mudhoney came on.

Slight tangent: For those of you not from ‘round here, Mudhoney is one of the very first Seattle grunge bands. Their song “Touch Me I’m Sick” was referenced in the movie Singles. Matt Dillon’s band’s song “Touch Me I’m Dick” was a wee bit of a rip off.

Anywho, we listened for about 15 minutes, said, “Woohoo, we saw Mudhoney!” then went and got another drink.

Saturday, up and out early to pick up Ruby. Apparently there was a broken cable in the driver’s side door which was shorting out a specific fuse. Who knew? So everything is working now. Except the tachometer is a little sticky. I’m not so concerned about that, though.

After picking up Ruby, we went by Metropolitan Market and ordered our flowers for the wedding! The Flower Dude said we were very easy (he has no idea). We went in saying “We need this many boutonnieres, this many bouquets and this many centerpieces. We want this color, and this flower.” BAM, done! Except I forgot about corsages. Crap. Sorry, mom. You gotta wear a flower. Deal with it.

And after the flowers, a quick bite to eat, then on to Lincoln Park to attend a friend’s birthday picnic. And boy howdy, it was hot. I think it got into the 80’s on Saturday and sitting outside in the sun was a shock to the system. Luckily, half of the picnic table was shaded, so there was relief.

Then, back home where, after a quick nap, I got a wild hair and washed Ruby. While listening to thunder! It was just like being in Texas again.

And later, there was curling up in the bedroom, watching X-Men, which I had never seen. And I liked it!

Sunday, up early again, this time due to a certain 15 year old who was up early. But that’s okay. Jamie was due to arrive at 10:30am, and then she, Kayleigh and I were off to shop for bridesmaids’ dresses.

I was in a bit of a panic at this point. Since I only had two dresses to think about, I thought, oh, we’ll just go to David’s Bridal and (hopefully) buy off the rack. Kayleigh is 11, growing like a weed and not enthusiastic about wearing a dress at all, so I wasn’t going to put much effort into it. But after hearing through the grapevine that bridesmaids’ dresses take about four months to order and get in, I lost it. Official wedding panic set in and it lit a fire under my ass. What if I have to actually ORDER ONE for her? So, off to David’s Bridal we went. Luckily, we found one that she’s comfortable in, and Jamie even found a couple that she liked, so whew, we don’t have to order one. We do have to go to another store, as the Southcenter David’s Bridal didn’t have the correct size for Kayleigh, but that’s easy enough. The Lynnwood store does, so we’ll just go up there this week sometime.

So, flowers, done! Dresses, done!

Now I need to make an appointment with a seamstress for my alterations on my dress. It’s really just hemming it up and putting on a bustle. No letting out or taking in. Anywhere!

Let’s see….where were we?

Ah, David’s Bridal.

After dress shopping we stopped for a quick lunch, then dashed back home, so Todd and I could go look at yet another house. Which was just okay. Sigh…..but! It was right across the street from one we had looked at a month ago, and that house has since dropped in price, twice! So we looked at it again. And found even more great things about it.

We’ll take the kids to look at it this week and then figure out what we want to do at this point. There will be more pros and cons lists. I’m sure of it.

And after looking at houses, we slowed things down. Made dinner, ran Kayleigh to rehearsal, and settled in for some Family Guy.

This week looks to be just as jam packed as the weekend. Tae kwon do classes, another visit to a couple of houses, lunch with friends, counseling for everyone and then the reward for a busy week, the Kirby Krackle show on Friday!

I can’t believe it’s only Monday.

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