Saturday, July 25, 2009

House For Sale

It's official.
The house went on the market yesterday.

After five days of busting our tushies, putting stuff in storage, wiping down walls, window sills, windows, doors, door frames, kitchen cabinets, dusting, polishing, sanding, painting, and hiring people to do the yard and haul junk away, we are EXHAUSTED. I have never known this kind of tired. And I don't know how people do this more than once in their lifetime.

Oh, I've MOVED a lot. I am an expert packer and mover. Moving is one thing. Selling is a completely different beast. We had the house ready to show yesterday, although it didn't get on the market until last night, and it was a good thing. We got a call from an agent at 10am, wanting to come by in an hour. So we woke the kids and took them to Denny's. I can see how this will get old really quickly.

So, let's hope for a quick sell, shall we?


Lucy Leadskin said...

Only 380K?! Holy crap, that's a STEAL! That house would go for easily 2-2.5 times as much here. Yikes.

TD said...

Ever think of doing your costuming work in Seattle, Lucy? ;-)