Thursday, May 7, 2009

Best Misspelling Yet

My name gets butchered. A lot. But I'm used to it. People also pronounce it Michelle, Rachel, Raquel or Rochelle. They spell it even worse. Richelle, Rochelle, Rayshell, Raychel. I once say To get people to understand, I've sometimes written it out like this:


No emphasis on the Rae (sounds like Ray) part. Just R'shell.

I call orders in all day long and I am always asked my name. Sometimes the customer service rep is merely looking it up, because I've called before, but sometimes they actually type it as I'm saying it. If I hear them typing, I'll usually say, "That's spelled R-A-E-C-H-E-L-L-E." And they appreciate it because they were undoubtedly spelling it incorrectly.

Yesterday, I placed an order, I said my name and I listened for the typing. I didn't hear any, so I figured she was looking me up. But apparently, she was a very quiet typer.

When I got the confirmation, I saw my name in the Order Placed By area.


Very nice.
Just like it sounds.


Dee said...

Binky is easier. In my head, your not Raechelle anyway. ;>)

The Hamilton's said...

I agree with Dee. :-) I never think of it as starting with "ray" because my best friend from middle school was even though you spell it different, I tend to hear it in my head as "Ra". However, I can relate on misspelled names. More often with me, it's mispronounced, though. I've had all sorts of things.