Monday, March 30, 2009

Yoga, Vertigo & Entertained Police Officers

TBFE summed up our weekend very well, so I can skip over the details. But I will say this, Bikram’s yoga may not be my friend.

The first class CB and I did was great. I felt good. Saturday's class, however, was pure hell. I don’t know if I didn’t hydrate enough or didn’t digest my breakfast enough or what, but I spent most of the 90 minutes laying down. I was nauseous and miserable. I will try one more class (in the EVENING, thankyouverymuch) and if it’s not better, I give up. I will find another type of yoga to do.

That evening, at Doug and Ann’s reception (a fantastic evening, by the way), I felt relatively fine. Even had a couple of cocktails and was steady on my feet. I finally got to wear my new babies and got numerous compliments on them.

And here’s where I could make some raunchy comment like, Oh, the police officers didn’t compliment my shoes because I wasn’t WEARING my shoes, or anything else, when they saw me, but I won’t. Really.

I just hope the light was flattering.......

Anywho, I’m not sure if the events are related (the yoga event, not the other stuff), but I spent yesterday, and a little bit of today, in a dizzy fog. Needless to say, brunch at the Space Needle (a rotating restaurant that's 500 feet off of the ground) was not entirely enjoyable. During the times I was actually standing, I was holding onto or leaning on Todd. I don't think anyone noticed. Shopping and registering later in the day was also quite the challenge. And I think the nausea that hit around 8:30pm last night was due to a swimming head for the past nine hours.

Today, we’re just dealing with a headache. I’ve had my earplugs on most of the day, but I've taken them out as the headache has lightened up a little.

I'm thinking I will be in bed very early this evening. And you can be sure the blinds will be tightly closed.


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