Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Oh, Happy Day

That's right.
See ya, George!

Or how about, get the hell out of here?

Inauguration Day. A day that normally involves a lot of tears, a lot of drinking (for the wrong the reasons) and research on how to defect to another country.

But not this year. No sir.
It is a great day.

Although, this photo makes me want to puke.

That is WAY too many freakin' people. Cyn is there today. She's got to be just batshit crazy.

I was very happy watching President Obama's speech from the comfort of my cube. I bet it was much warmer in here, too.


Lucy Leadskin said...

I've had the telly on all day, both in the living room and in my sewing room. Haven't left the house and loving it. :D

Anonymous said...

It's not often that I get teary eyed and goosebumps watching someone speak.. I had a huge smile when that helicopter flew away...

Anonymous said...

Happy HAPPY day!
And I do agree thoughts of heading to Canada were replaced with pride.

The Hamilton's said...

It was a great day! Loved it....from my home! No way was I going to be downtown in that mess and cold.

Never a fan of W, but never thought of leaving the country. Can't think of another place I'd rather be. :-)

Dee said...

Have you really shed tears, drank too much and wanted to leave this country on an inauguration day?? I'd never want to live anywhere else but here! Even in the worst of times. I'm with you on the crowds - I live less than an hour from DC but wouldn't have gone if you paid me! ;>)

Raechelle said...

Unfortunately, Dee, yes, I have often wanted to leave this country. I even printed out the 60 page instruction booklet on how to become a New Zealand citizen after the '04 election.

It's hard to take pride in your country when 1) you don't respect your leader and 2) every other country hates you.

But those days are behind us, so let's not dwell on the past. I am a very proud American citizen now :-)