Monday, January 26, 2009

My Baby Meter

My baby meter seems to be a hot topic of discussion, now that Todd and I are officially engaged.

More specifically, many people are asking "When are you going to get pregnant!?"

(Or most recently, "Are you pregnant?!" To them, I say - Uh, you obviously have not seen me this weekend - bachelorette party (one raspberry lemon drop and three jack-n-cokes) and engagement party (xxx number of glasses of wine, champagne and port)).

So, it looks like I should address the topic point blank.

Todd and I do not plan to have any babies.

Yes, my baby meter was running on high in the months before we met, but when Todd and I started dating, a funny thing happened. I got the family I had been wanting. I have my little girl who wants my help with girly stuff, I have my teenage boy who headbutts me but I think secretly likes it when I put my foot down.

I do not need to give birth to a baby. I still love the babies. Got my baby fix Saturday night at the party and believe that, under the influence, I offered to babysit any freakin' time they needed. But, really. I'm good now. I have my family. And in a mere six years, Kayleigh will be graduating high school and leavin' the nest. The thought of starting from square one and raising a baby does not sound appealing to me anymore. Raising two half grown kids is exhausting enough.

So, now we can focus on the important stuff.
Hows about these shoes?


Anonymous said...

I say go with the shoes.

Dee said...

No babies?? Ya'll are no fun. ;>)

creth95 said...

Them's are GOOD SHOES!!!