Friday, December 26, 2008

Merry Belated Christmas!

What a week we've had.

Home on Monday. Made it to work on Tuesday, thanks to a co-worker who lives nearby and her all wheel Honda Element. Home on Wednesday. Christmas Day! And home today.

Actually, Wednesday and today are vacation days so I don't feel so bad about being home.

Christmas was lovely. The kids let us sleep until 7am, then started banging on the bedroom door. We were scheduled to go to Bellingham to be with Todd's family, but the roads were still icy, so we planned a second Christmas in January. In the meantime, Gavin, Michelle, Doug and Ann all came over for breakfast and presents, then headed out to beat the freeze. So the Downing clan and I had a nice Christmas dinner, just the four of us.

And would you believe it? It snowed yesterday. Really. Big fluffy flakes. Now we're above freezing and it's just raining, but it's still icy and slick out. I need to shovel the driveway a little more and clear a spot for Ruby as I will attempt to get her out of the carport today. Todd got Sportacus out yesterday, but it took a few tries. Hopefully, he cleared enough of a path for Ruby to follow.

Because I'm supposed to have dinner with Jamie tonight! My first outing since Sunday, Dec 14th. Todd and I are both going stir crazy. He went to lunch with a friend today so when he gets back, I'll head to Jamie's.

Again, provided I can get Ruby out.

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Lucy Leadskin said...

I hears ya. Here in Northfield (MN), it was below freezing the first couple of days, now it's 40F! WTF?! Gimme da cold!