Sunday, September 14, 2008

We Have Electric!

Got another email from mom yesterday afternoon, around 4:30pm my time. They have electricity.

"I am totally amazed that they got it back on so fast. Thank God for AC! We were beginning to not smell so good!

Bad news - dad just went up to the attic and saw daylight in more than 2 places. Got Garrett and William to come over and go up on the roof and put the tarp on it. Dad, Tish, Jessica and I got the one part of the fence back up (the part by the mail boxes), temporarily so people can't look in Darren and Tish's back yard and see the 2 generators. If we hadn't they probably would have disappeared tonight. Poor Darren is at work - can't come home until tomorrow evening - he's been there since Thur. night. Next job - call the insurance company. That should be much fun!
Drove thru the neighborhood and after looking at some places, we can consider ourselves pretty darn lucky.
Okay, gotta go see which of the packages of meat dad wants to grill tonight - probably all of them since everything is already thawed out (ha). Oh well, he'll eat really well the next couple of days . . .


Love to all,

I guess, all things considered, a new roof isn't such a big deal. They didn't flood, the house still stands and they're okay. It's all good.

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