Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still No Electricity

An update from ma & pa:

They still don't have electricity and from what I've read, it could be weeks. I've tried calling the power company but they can't give any information as to how long we're looking at. I texted mom yesterday and asked if I could get them a hotel room for a few nights, but she said no, they wanted to stay at the house. They're afraid of looters.

Their neighbor's family went back home, so mom and dad are using the generator outlets that are now free. They've got the fridge running (cold water and ice!) and the tv on. At least now, they can see some news and get information about their area.

A cold front came in last night, so they've cooled down a little. They've got the windows open and there's a nice breeze. I'm happy about that. The heat scares me more than anything.

Mom left a message this morning and she just sounds exhausted. People have emailed me and asked if they can do anything, but I don't think there's anything anyone can do at this point. Unless you can magically get the power back on. Since they didn't flood, they're not lacking in the basic supplies department. Kroger was open for a few hours on Sunday (as well as the Cracker Barrel) so food isn't too much of an issue. They just need AC.

As always, thanks for the good thoughts.


TD said...

We're with ya in spirit, Annette & Steve. Thanks for the updates!

The Hamilton's said...

Glad they have a fridge & TV, at least. Since Buck works at the local electric company, we know from him how long it can take to get all the repairs done. Hopefully it won't get too hot before then.

And...on a different note, I hear you guys will be having dinner (and providing a place to sleep) for my hubby for a night. :-) When you toast with your drinks, think of me...spending my birthday at home with the kids while you are enjoying yourselves! :-)