Friday, September 12, 2008

Scotsman Song

I can't find a video of the singer actually singing it, but these pics will make you chuckle. Warning - there are blurry pics of private parts. It's all very PG, though.

For my Scotsman.


TD said...

Let me just add a "hell yeah". What was I just saying about a claymore?


Thanks, love!

(Brought to you by word verification "hlnyhrq", which actually sounds like a Scottish food. Or a sport. Or both.)

TD said...

Hey! There's a guy in that lineup wearing PINK UNDERWEAR! Apparently he didn't get the memo about the fact that regulation kilt-wearing is always commando.

Someone needs to take his Scotsman card and tear it into little pieces before his very eyes. Then, for the offense of the pink banana hammock, we'll stuff him into a big haggis and boot him off a cliff in the Highlands.

Pink underwear on a Scotsman makes the baby Jesus cry.