Wednesday, September 10, 2008


From Yahoo:
Challenged? You can do this, you just have to believe you can! Everyone else does. Take it easy -- you've got more going on than you realize and if you don't slow down at some point, it could all crumble at once! A steady pace is the only way for you to make it through the day.

Challenged is a good word for it. Today, I am reminded of why I started looking for a new job in the first place. We'll see if I can find a "steady pace" at some point.

I am very much looking forward to sushi tonight with Jamie and her mom. Sushi makes it all better.


Anonymous said...

Take a deep breath and take each day as it comes - it's all going to work out for you!

I love you, Mom

Seattle Lu said...

HOORAY, I knew you could do it!

Challenge? Nah, this will be a breeze, short time Raechelle will be smiling at everyone secretly saying ~ I have escaped!
While this is great for you... your cheery smile & sunny disposition will be missed in these repressive halls.
You're one of the few people that light this place up. You can count on me for both support and your fan base! HUGS Lu