Thursday, August 7, 2008

From The Ex To Steve

Some readers have noticed that in my Props for Shaun post, I referred to my ex by name. No more "The Ex". That's because the and I are talking again.

We hadn't spoken since the first of December and that was probably best. After six years, you can't break up and just act like everything is okay. He wasn't part of the mistake or fiasco, just so you know, and he was smart to remove himself from anyone involved. But, for the most part, that's all behind us and he's in a great relationship and I'm in a great relationship, so we're friendly again. We've even had dinner together and we still quote the same movies to each other in the middle of a conversation. Old habits die hard.

I'm happy that I still have Steve in my life. Because after six years of living with him, I can't just act like he doesn't exist (plus, he cracks me up. He's a funny guy). And I'm so very happy that Todd understands that, just as I understand that Sam was a huge part of his life and is the mother of his children, so she will never be completely gone. We can talk about our pasts and the people in them and no gets all bent out of shape or competitive.

I think I'm a very lucky woman.


Anonymous said...

Is Steve the one stalking you as Todd suggests??

Raechelle said...

No, Steve isn't stalking. He just comes right and tells me he's checked the blog :-)

TD said...
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TD said...

Steve is totally cool (as I've said in my own blog). I have never implied Steve is the blog stalker - quite the reverse. It's somebody else completely.

I can see how the timing of our posts may have been confusing. :)

Anonymous said...

I'm really glad. It's always so much better to remain friends. And the icing on the cake is that Todd is okay with it. Love You. MM