Thursday, July 3, 2008

Wrappin' It Up

Must focus
Last minute binders to make
Two more meetings to plan
Out Of Office to set
Oh, but no can do

Map from Pittsburgh
Printing of the itinerary
Weather for Nestorville
What to pack, what to pack?
T-shirts and shorts
Do I need a fleece?
Duh. Always take a fleece.

Did I send that last email?
Is everything tidied up?
Does the big boss lady have her schedule?
Should I give them a phone number?
Nah. Let 'em wing it
They'll live

One last Swiffering
Desk is so clean
Papers are stacked neatly
Coffee cup is washed
File cabinet is locked
Pens will not go missing this time
Like at Christmas

Okay, it's time
Lock the door, turn off the light
Am I forgetting anything?
Got my glasses
Got my printouts
Left notes for the bosses

Feel like there's something else.....

Oh for the love of puppies, let's just get the hell outta here!

See ya in a week!


tbone said...

Missing ya already...

Seattle Lu said...

Party Hearty...enjoy!

Lucy Leadskin said...

Diggin' the poetry, cat, can ya dig?