Monday, July 28, 2008

Weekend Update

Where do the weekends go?

I had lunch with Ms. Traveler on Saturday. It's always good to hang out with her. She knows everything about everything and never fails to, at some point, compliment me on my writing. Seeing as how she's a Professional Writer, it's always a huge confidence booster. And I walk away inspired and motivated to find a writing job. But then I get overwhelmed and discouraged because I don't have an English degree like so many people are requiring and well.....I end up blogging and whining to you guys.

Thanks for listening.

After lunch, I ran some errands, did some dishes, paid some bills. Then just sat on my couch for an hour flipping through channels and looking through the new Ikea catalog. It was nice to just enjoy my apartment.

That evening, I headed over to Todd's to make dinner and watch some movies. And I have to say, I LOVED 50 First Dates. So warm and fuzzy. I'm a sucker for warm and fuzzy. I'm putting it right up there with When Harry Met Sally... Yes, THAT warm and fuzzy.

We also watched Airplane, which, GASP, I had never seen. Big surprise. Funny, but like with Star Wars, I missed the curve. At least I know what Todd and the kids are quoting now when they say, "A hospital? What is it? It's a big building with patients, but that's not important right now." Now I'm one of the cool kids.

Sunday, after sleeping in until 9am (I know!) I got on a teeny weeny cleaning bender.

I washed up some dishes and wiped down the counter, then just meant to wipe off the stove. There was something that looked suspiciously like dry Coco Wheats everywhere, probably from when Tyler cooked breakfast. (I'm guessing that's where the hunk of butter on the cabinet door came from, too. Teenagers are fun.)

But a simple wipedown turned into taking off all of the burner pans and knobs to soak and 409ing the shit out of the stovetop. Kayleigh was sitting at the kitchen table, playing solitaire while I was doing all of this and she (very seriously) said the funniest thing yet.

"A house without messes must be your own personal hell."

She's quick, that one.

After the cleaning bender, we headed out to lunch and a movie, where migraine number four made a brief appearance. It started with the squigglies on the drive, and progressed into the fork-in-the-back-of-the-eye pain once at the restaurant. I downed four Advil and Todd rubbed a pressure point in the muscle between my thumb and index finger, which actually seemed to ward off the worst of it.

Seeing a movie that afternoon was probably not the best plan, but I figured if my head started to hurt too badly, I would just lay against Todd, close my eyes and snooze alittle. But it never really progressed into the normal oh-gawd-please-just-cut-my-head-off headache. I still have a bit of pain today, but not enough to warrant turning off the lights or wearing earplugs.

And I'm glad it didn't get too bad because WALL-E was just fantastic. (You have to watch some of the videos on the site. HAVE TO.)

Holy crap, Pixar can do no wrong. And the movies just keep getting better and better. They're so good at conveying expression and emotion in the smallest amount of detail. And, although the movie is cute and funny, there is a very clear message to be had. If we keep up this pace, earth will be uninhabitable and humans will become brainwashed blobs of goo.

It really is a heartwarming film. Really.

Once home, Todd and I rested our eyes for a bit. What, old, you say? No, not old. Just soaking up some cuddle time before I had to leave. After such a craptastic week, it was so nice to just curl up with him and be happy.

I got home relatively early so I puttered around my place and watched some TV before heading to bed at 9:30pm.

Okay. Maybe I am old.

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Anonymous said...

1. If you're old, I guess that makes me ancient.
2. How on earth do you all watch that many movies every single weekend????
3. Kayleigh's comment was hilarious and right on the money!