Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How Vain Do You Have To Be?

You know how I love my manis and pedis. LOVE 'EM. Sad because it's been months since I've had 'em.

But come on, people.

Fish. Really? Eating the dead skin off your feet?



What goes through a person's mind when they're asked if they would like the regular pedicure or the fish pedicure? What is the logic that makes them say, "Oh, why, the FISH PEDICURE, of course! It's only the best for MY tootsies!"

One word for ya: Ew.

Fish and feet do not mix. I don't think there is any way to convince me. Go ahead. Leave a comment. Try to convince me. Dare ya.

Speaking of pedicures, looks like I'm being whisked off to California in a few weeks! And you know how I love a good pamperin' to start my vacation off right. Gotta have pretty fingers and toes!

I may have to skip eating out for a couple of weeks. Habitude has upped their prices again.



Ann said...

Oh, I love Habitude! It was the first real spa I went to and I try to go back at least once a year when I can splurge. I wish it weren't so cost prohibitive. And I'm with you on the fish pedicure - eewwwww!

TD said...

You've apparently never been snorkeling in the tropics. I went into the water off Norman Island in the BVIs and had a school of little yellow fish nibbling the sunblock on my back. Fish will eat just about anything.

There's also the little mites you have on your body right now, eating your dead skin cells, and the enzymes in your intestines, grazing on your food. Dunno how little doctor fish nibbling your cuticles is any different. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry - Todd's thoughts are gross! Don't you remember swimming in the creek and all the little schools of fish around your legs and feet? Same difference . . .


Anonymous said...

I have been snorkeling in the tropics and I still think it's creepy. We were in Punta Cana in March and took bread out with us in the ocean - fish everywhere. Creeped me out. So no thanks, no pedi's with fish for me.

TD said...

I think my comment made it sound like I endorse parasitic fish (I really don't). :-)

Kristin said...

EWWWWWWWWWW!!!! That sounds like my hell on earth. Fish scare me just as much as birds. I'd rather die, than have that pedicure. I'd rather die than have a pedicure in general, but that's a whole other topic...