Thursday, July 17, 2008

General Body Update

Ears: Still popping when I blow my nose.

Nose: Still a little clogged.

Teeth: Still throbbing. Ice cream for dinner was good, but only if I kept it on the right side of my mouth. I'll make a dentist appointment soon.

Gray hair: Not just confined to my head now.


WTF?! Nobody ever, EVER told me, a woman, that gray hair could appear in any place other than my head. Why do we not talk about these things? It would really help to alleviate the panic that you feel when you see that first one. The mind boggles for a minute. "What the hell.....? Nah, couldn't be......"

Lungs: I'm using my inhaler a couple times a day now. I still have that revving, asthmatic cough. Could be leftover cold, could be allergies. Who knows.

Wrists: still neurotic about them. My massage therapist did a full body thing yesterday (rather than just spending an hour on my back, like normal) and she started to do my forearms, starting at my wrists. And I almost hit her.

DO NOT touch the inside of my wrists. Under ANY circumstances. Or the inside of my elbows. I will go kung fu on your ass, I swear to gawd. And touch the backs of my knees at your own risk. Sometimes I'm okay with it, sometimes I'll kick you. It's a gamble.

Poor Todd. I think he has a chart on the back of his door. Neck: a-okay. Stomach: just don't jiggle it. Wrists: Raechelle hurts me. Feet: Only when Raechelle's had a lot of wine. Hands: a-okay.

Eyes/Head: Funny thing. I quit wearing my glasses. Completely. And I haven't had a headache in months. I put my glasses on for 30 minutes, just to test my theory. Head starts hurting. Does that mean my prescription is off? Or that I really don't need glasses and I should sue my optometrist? Either way, my head doesn't hurt anymore.

Overall, I would say B+.
Not too shabby for a 33 year old.

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tbone said...

Hey, that's a good idea.

Note to self: make a chart.