Thursday, May 15, 2008

Random Thoughts

The word "bullshit" is in a headline on For some reason, this shocked me. You just don't see that word on official news sites. Kind of like the first time they could say "ass" on a sitcom.


Esther Update:

Esther has not been home for the last two nights. And if she has, she's not letting me know about it. I haven't heard a peep from upstairs. And it's been really nice.


There is quite a battle for a certain parking spot in my lot at work. I've always parked in the same spot, up against a little flower planter area thingy. And then the maroon Honda Element parks next to me. And then red truck parks next to him. We have a system.

Then one day this big, new suburban was parked in my spot. Huh. Does she not know that I park here every morning? She must be new. And she also must arrive before 8am (and before me), because she parks there every morning now. It's screwed up the whole system.

Until last week, a brand new, even bigger suburban started parking there. And the smaller suburban was forced to park back in the corner. Ha! But still! It's my SPOT! Has been for two years!

Well, I got here early yesterday, and I beat them all. As I was getting out of my car, the bigger suburban whipped around and then realized that her spot wasn't open. I smiled at her.

But then I was late again this morning and I was forced to park back on the other side of the Honda Element.


Yes, this is the most exciting thing going on in my life right now. Well, that I can actually blog about. My christ year is already proving to be quite interesting. Times, they are a changin'.

Stay tuned.......


I've started wearing brown and black together. How do we feel about this? I'm undecided.


Facebook annoys me.

I get this message that says "Someone has flirted with you on SpeedDate! Click here to see their message!" Well, of course I want to see who's flirting with me. But you can't see it until you invite 15 of your friends to sign up for this application. I don't want to do that to my friends. I just want to see the damn message!

So screw 'em. I got enough going on without some random weirdo on Facebook contacting me to say "Hey baby..."


My 30 days are up! I CAN SHOP AGAIN!

But I shouldn't. I kind of like having a positive bank balance for a change. Oh, but I must celebrate. Somehow. Hmmm....

I'm thinkin' more undies. Nothing says celebration like lace!

Or nightstands.


My Horoscope for today:

This is a time to relish your personal freedom -- do something by yourself today.

Yep, all signs point to shopping.
Or a manicure.

I'm all about the signs....


tbone said...
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Anonymous said...

Girl, I know you're all about the signs! As far as the parking spot - certain things are just understood. That was your parking spot. I'm going to assume that the other person was just new and didn't know that was your spot. I try to think the best about everyone. It's like that at church too - everybody has their pew and when you come in and some random person is in your spot - it's just not good. Why is that, I wonder? I guess we're creatures of habit. Anyway, I'm undecided on the black and brown thing too. I see other people do it and it's fine, but when I do it I feel weird. I think Kristin has a thing about not wearing black and brown together. We'll have to see if she comments. I think we should just wear whatever we want! Happy Friday!

Anonymous said...

No, no, no - never, ever wear black and brown together! What's wrong with you people????