Saturday, May 10, 2008

Not A Happy Camper At All

I was supposed to go to CarPros this morning to have a new instrument panel put in. The odometer button is rattling and it drives me insane, especially when I'm already pissed off in traffic. Since it's covered under the warranty, I decided to be high maintenance and do it. So after my oil change a few weeks ago, I made the appointment for 10am this morning. Shoot me.

Except the next day, the rattling stopped. I assumed they inadvertently fixed the problem. I called them, said nevermind. And then the next day, the rattling started up again. I called them, said nevermind about my nevermind, it's rattling again.

Called yesterday to verify my appointment. Make sure we were all on the same page. Yep, there's my appointment. Perfect.

So I drag my ass out of bed at 8am, after not getting to bed until after midnight for the past few nights (I'm a crazy gal, remember?) and after having a few cocktails last night, only to get a phone call at 9:30am AS I'M WALKING OUT THE DOOR. There was some confusion will all the phone calls and well, they don't have the new instrument panel. "But we'll call you when it gets in to set up an appointment."

But. But.....
That's why I called yesterday! To confirm that I had an appointment and that I really did need to be up at 8am on a SATURDAY morning. Yes, some people are just magically up at this hour on a SATURDAY morning, but I AM NOT.

I've very upset.
So upset that I went and bought myself breakfast. Retail therapy. And I toodled around Ballard for a bit.

But now I'm home and I'm bored and I'm just mad again. I could take a nap, but I've already showered and straightened my hair, so if I nap, I'll have to redo my hair because it isn't as pretty after a nap and Jamie and I are going out for the gals' dinner tonight at 6pm and well, now my day is just shot to shit.

Happier post soon.

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