Monday, May 5, 2008

Jessica = Superstar

I love having Jessica here.
And it's not just because we party it up every Monday.

I got home from work today and was just in a funk. Blah. I blame PMS. I love my uterus! But after a margarita (okay, two margaritas) and some FANTASTIC mexican food at Senor Moose Cafe (five stars baby, five stars) things ain't too bad. Jessica distracts me from everyday life and makes me laugh at the stupidest stuff. She just will not let me be in a bad mood.

She also yells at me when I head over to the computer to email or grab my phone to text after we've had a couple drinks. She knows that's a bad idea. She's got my back.

"Rae-Rae! Get away from the computer! What are you doing? No, you can email him back tomorrow! Get back on the couch!"

I love just her.
But she laughs at my little ice creams.

What?! Six for a dollar. Portion control.

She's also gotten me hooked on "Gossip Girl" but she tells me I can't blog about it.


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Kristin said...

"Gossip Girl" is addicting!