Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Third Time's A Charm?

Or, Yet Another Migraine.

It's getting a little old now. The squigglies started as I was shutting down to go home last night and the headache hit a mere 15 minutes later. Right in the middle of the drive home. Which is quite scary. When those squigglies start, I have no peripheral vision at all.

Makes me think of seeing lightning, then counting until the thunder comes. I usually get about 30 minutes or so between the squigglies and the headache. They're getting closer together now. Does that mean my head will explode when they hit at the same time?

Mom's right. Time for a doctor's appointment. I went to the eye doctor two Fridays ago and he said it sounded like they were just (JUST!) ocular migraines, but if they start to happen more frequently (more than two in two months?) I should talk to my primary doctor. He also upped my prescription for my lenses and said I should start wearing my glasses when driving, watching TV or anything that takes any kind of focused attention. It seems that my eyes are very tired and strained because the left eye is weak and working really, really hard to keep up with the right. Damn left eye. He also said I have "very large" optic nerves and my pressure is on the high side normal. So, I have to go back in June for a laser glaucoma test. Whee.

The friends I've talked to who have migraines say that stress is a big factor. I think I am probably less stressed right now than I have been in the past two years. So what the hell does that mean?

I now chart them, along with what I'm eating that day and I'm finding no connection. Some people say it can be hormonal and related to a woman's cycle, but that ain't it either.

I blame the new brighter than shit marmoleum floor in the clinic. Damn floor.

Ooh. Would that be worker's comp?


Anonymous said...

Hey Sis - Don't know if I told you are not, but I get those too. If I have too much salt and caffeine, it really brings them on. I have the "squigglies," also. Weird...Hope that you find some resolution. Mine went away by themselves when I stopped working as an Account Manager for Fisher...I agree that they are stress related as well as everything else -

Anonymous said...

Yep. Mom's right. Time for a doctor's appt. Don't you just love having TWO mothers tell you the same things?? Especially when you've already said yourself that it's time for an appt. I truly don't mean to harp - - just worry about you like moms do.

Love You - MM